To the press and to the world public / / 1.10.2016
Asli Erdogan and all other journalists must be released immediately!

Asli Erdogan, accused of being a member of an armed terrorist organization and damaging the
unity of the state, has been arrested and imprisoned. This is contradiction with the turkish’s law.
Every proceedings to release her has --->

  This Sameness Is Ours / / 1.10.2016
  There is an incoherence in so what happens in one stroke. We live in a territory in which the human dignity is trampled, in which the barbarity becomes so ordinary, in which the capital oppose all the existence different than it offers.

They continue to make the lives of ones who deserves the life most, miserable throug --->

  ”The City in Crimson Cloak ”, Ash Erdogan’s major work and arguably her masterpiece, has established her as a unique writer and a modem classic both in her country and abroad. Generally referred as a ’poem— novel’, ’poetry of the twilight zone’, ’verses of poetry saturated with bitter juice of life and existential suffering’, the no --->

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